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The Power of 786


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This attunement has a fixed fee of $55 but the founder has given me permission to offer it for less through the Academy.

Numbers play an important role in all of life and the universe around us. Nothing is possible without numbers. Whether it is science, spirituality, fiction, books, math, numerology and so much more. Numbers carry unique energy signatures, vibes and energy. Some numbers have such a strong vibration that they are called “Lucky Numbers” or “Angle Numbers”. The number 786 is a number that is constantly changing and is connected with several of the world’s religions. This special number is not just lucky in Hinduism but is also lucky number for Muslims and Christians. According to several beliefs and theories, the Hindu, Christian, and Muslim number 786 is an essential part of these cultures and the Universe.

Within the spiritual world, the number 786 shows us the message of creativity and hobbies. It also states that you might come up with chances to make money through your hobbies and spiritual gifts. Therefore, if an opportunity comes up, one should take it seriously. As per most ideologies of Numerology, the number 7 stands for luck, inner wisdom and the crown chakra. The number 8 is a symbol of stability, infinity and the heart chakra, and the number 6 is all about new chances, positive changes and the kundalini. So, a combination of these three numbers is a potent door to welcoming the life of your dreams.

The benefits and blessings of the power of 786 are vast but they will focus on the following as you continue to work with the energies after you have received your attunement:

* Breaking Habits

* Increasing Luck

* Increased Hope & Stability

* Chakra Re-Alignment

* Increased Happiness

* Spiritual Healing

* Kundalini Awakening

* Divine Spirituality

* Abundance & Prosperity

* Making Wishes Come True

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