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The Olive Branch Empowerment


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The Olive Branch Empowerment has beeen channeled to give you the ability to energetically extend an olive branch to bring about a state of forgiveness and peace, assisting you to be free from negative baggage from the past so you can move forward in life with peace and love in your heart. The energies of this system come from Source and connect you to the unconditional love of source to help release past hurts so you can experience forgiveness while finding inner peace. The energies connect you to the light of love as well as to a place where there is calmness and clarity in your mind and soul. When activated the energies feel like a wave of relief that flows through you to remove all forms of energetic attachments that are holding you back as well as stopping you from moving forward on your life’s path. It is a system that enables you to free yourself from past memories that have casued you to experience Pain, Anger, Shame, Guilt, Anxiety etc. This system not only helps you to release past hurts and to forgive others but enables you to extend this etheric olive branch to yourself too, allowing you to release all past hurts and to forgive all grievances. 

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