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The New Energies of Archangel Michael – Guidance, Healing & Protection


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The New Energies of Archangel Michael have been channelled to give you a set of spiritual tools that work to strengthen your energetic connection with his energies. Each function has been designed to support the process of healing, guidance, protection and most important, your spiritual development! The attunement can be used in a general sense which is where you activate the energies through your heart-felt intention. You will also learn a set of intention-based activations/functions that work in alignment with your higher self. This is to ensure that you receive the strongest energetic connection with the presence of Archangel Michael. You can use the given functions individually or you can combine them to utilise the blessings of all functions at one time. This gives you flexibility and energetic scope when you need to use them.

The New Energies of Archangel Michael will help you with the following and much more:

* A Stronger Connection with Archangel Michael.

* Healing Awareness of Archangel Michaels’s Blessings.

* Spiritual Protection from Archangel Michael.

* Increased Guidance from Archangel Michael.

* Increased Self-Confidence and Personal Power.

* Increased Inner Strength.

* Increased Spiritual Dynamics and Understanding. Increased

* Psychic/Spiritual Awareness.

* Increased Spiritual Vibrations.

* Increased Vitality, Wellbeing and Wholeness.

* Heightened Awareness of Spiritual Growth and Ascension.

* Heightened Control of your Life’s Direction

You will also learn how to use the following functions to connect with the New Energies of Archangel Michael:

* Archangel Michael Initial Connection.

* Healing with Archangel Michael.

* Confidence Building with Archangel Michael.

* Protection with Archangel Michael.

* Spiritual Guidance with Archangel Michael.

* The Shield of Archangel Michael.

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