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The Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program


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The basics of Magickal Lightwork involve working with energy to manifest your goals and desires. There are steps involved any time you work with energy. It is important to follow all of the steps to get the best results. The Magickal Lightworker Advanced Degree Program contains 5 degree’s all of which will be given in detail below.

Through working with the energies of the Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program you will learn how to:

* Raise your Energies to a new level of Awarness.

* Overcome Obstacles and Blockages that present themselves on your Spiritual and Life Path.

* Manifest your Desires and Wishes.

* Advance your Knowledge of Magic and Energy.

The Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program – 1st Degree

Through the 1st Degree you will learn about how to work with Energy, Creating a Sacred Space in which you can perform Healings and Magicc Work, Sacred Tools, Element Correspondences and much more.

The Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program – 2nd Degree

The 2nd Degree within the Magickal Lightwork Advanced Program introduces you to the uses and qualities of Herbs, Crystals, Stones and Plants. Through utilizing these everyday tools you will gain the knowledge and understanding about how you can incorporate them into your Magickal work as well as all healings that you give to yourself and others.

The Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program – 3rd Degree

The 3rd Degree has been channelled to give you the knowledge about how you can connect with the Energies of the Angels, Gods, Goddess and Animal Kingdom to add an extra dimension of energy to your Magickal and Healing work.

The Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program – 4th Degree

The Magickal Lightwork Advanced Program Level 4 introduces you to the concepts of how to master the mind, body and spirit while bringing everything together from the first 3 degrees so that you can expand your awareness of the universal laws.

The Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program – 5th Degree

The 5th Degree is an expansion of energies. It goes beyond the Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree levels 1-4. The 5th Degree level 5 works with pure higher realm energies. It connects you to the higher vortex energies so that you can spirit journey into the holding area of your desires, so that you can connect with what you want to manifest into physical form easily.

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