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The Lord Krishna Unity & Love Spiritual Empowerment


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Krishna, the Supreme Personality of the Godhead, is a historical person who appeared on Earth in India around 5,000 years ago. This predates many other forms of modern-day spirituality including Christianity. It is believed that Krishna in his original form stayed on earth for 125 years where he lived as a human being, but his activities were unparalleled. In the Western world, when someone sees the cover of a book that has Krishna on the cover, they will immediately ask: “Who is Krishna? Who is the lady with Krishna?” etc. The immediate answer is that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of the Godhead. But how is that? This is a belief because he confirms in exact detail to descriptions of the Supreme Being / The Godhead. In other words, Krishna is the Godhead because he is all-attractive. From the very moment of his appearance to the moment of his disappearance, every one of his activities is unparalleled in the history of the world, and therefore anyone who knows what we mean by Godhead will accept Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Within the Lord Krishna manual, you will learn about the following plus much more:

* Who is Lord Krishna

* Working with Lord Krishna

* Creating a Krishna Alter {Deity Alter}

* Energy Functions of Lord Krishna

* How to Achieve Higher Consciousness With Positive Vibes

* Increased Vibrations ThroughRaised Consciousness

* Communicating with God

* Mantra’s to Lord Krishna and Much More.

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