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The Light of Muses


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The Light of Muses Distant Attunement has been created to connect you to the Vibrations of the Muses in a way that will help to fill you with the Energies of Inspiration and Creativity. Creative Energies are not only used in Fine Arts like Music, Painting, Writing etc but are also used in everyday life. Inspiration often gives you the Guidance and Wisdom to help you solve problems that need immediate attention. There are 9 Muses that are most well known, but there are actually many more that may be inspiring us in things such as Justice, Business and other areas of our lives that we do not even know are helping us. The Light of Muses Attunement will strengthen your connection to Spirit in a way that allows you to consciously call on the Muses for Inspiration and Creative Solutions. You will learn about the 9 Muses and how to call upon them for Spiritual Assistance and Guidance in all areas of your life. You will be given a Universal Symbol to use to connect with them as well as to help enhance your Creativity and open the path for Divine Inspiration. 

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