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The Lavender Flame Healing System


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The Lavender Flame of Quan Yin is a fraction of the Violet Flame of Transmutation. It is part of a triad of energies sourced from that flame, namely Purple, Amethyst and Lavender. All of the energies sourced from Violet have something to do with Transformation, Transmutation, Purification or Divine Alchemy. In the case of Lavender we deal mostly with purification and divine alchemy, which is clearing the unwanted and turning our experiences into the Light.

The Etheric Jewels are a gift from the goddess Quan Yin and each jewel is imbued with certain qualities, such as compassion, love, forgiveness and much more. Through your distant attunement you will be connected with the following Lotus Jewels directly gifted to you from the Goddess Quan Yin

* The Lotus Jewel of Karmic Release – Helps you to release any karmic ties that you may have.

* The Lotus jewel of Earth Healing – Allows healing to transmit into the Earth with each step you take. The healing will always be active.

* The Lotus Jewel of Heavenly Love – Allows us to always be in contact with unconditional divine love and you will always be sending this love to everyone that you meet.

* The Lotus Jewel of Solar Light – Defends against unwanted energies.

* The Lotus Jewel of Compassion – Helps you to be compassionate towards others and yourself.

* The Lotus Jewel of Forgiveness – Helps you to be forgiveing.

* The Lotus Jewel of Divine Wisdom – Brings wisdom into the third eye chakra and strenthens psychic abilities.

* The Lotus Jewel of Ruby Light – Helps to calm an over-active solar plexus chakra.

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