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The Inner Child Alignment


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The energies of the Inner Child alignment are joyous, light filled and pure, just as a child is as they look at the world around them with Awe!. The energies can help you to re-connect with the Innocent, Wonderous Inner Child to heal wounds and to establish a strong connection that will flow into your everyday life, enhacing your life experiences. Inner Child Alignment has been designed in such a way that it will help you to connec with your Inner Child in a safe way that enables your Inner Child to feel secure, loved and able to resurface. The energies are not intended to pinpoint or analyse wounds that your inner child may have suffered in the past but rather to allow your inner child time to connect, align and expand in a safe way through the vibrations of Sacred Source where you can both heal and be of benefit to each other and move forward together with renewed love, wonder and joy.

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