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The Greenman Attunement


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The Greenman Attunement is a simple to use system of Energy work that connects you to the ever returning Wild Nature Vibrations of the Divine Masculine. The Magic of the Greenman is celebrated around the World, but he is most oftne associated with the Celt’s. In todays modern age, the Greenman is once again stepping forth into our Conscious Awareness along with the Divine Feminine Frequencies of the Goddess. His presence when asked brings a sense of Balance and the Mysteries of Nature which surround us every day of our lives. The return of the Greenman teaches us about the Hope and Understanding of the true strength of a balanced Masculine Energy. The Greenman is that Spirit, Energy, Presence which is inherent in every cell of our being as well as every Animal on Earth.

The Greenman Attunement will help you with the following:

* Fertility and Ecstasy.

* How to Invoke change in the Essence of the Conscious Mind.

* Invoking Relaxation and Happiness.

* Invoking Expansion and Prosperity.

* Attracting Optimism and Joy.

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