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The Green Trilogy


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The focus of the Green Trilogy Attuneemnts have been designed to connect you to the 3 aspects of Green Nature Energy. Through your Spiritual Connection to each level you will gain a deep resonate connection with the Powerful Vibrational Frequencies of the Greenman, Green Fairy and Power of the Green.

The Greenman

Your Attunement to the Greenman will put you into contact with the Nature Deva’s and Earth Spirits. This Attunement will also help you with all forms of Fertility, Gardening, Mother Earth, Prosperity and Joy.

The Green Fairy

Your Attunement to the energies of the Green Fairy is given to help you connect with the main Nature Fairy that has come forward to help Humanity at this present time. The Green Fairies are very closely connected with Magic and will help you with Spell Work especially when it is being performed to help Heal our Animal Friends and Mother Earth. Through the Green Fairy you will also gain a more Youthful outlook on life.

The Power of the Green

The Power of Green Distant Attunement has been designed to connect you to the Magickal Energies of Plants for Healing, Magic, Love & Beauty. I’ve heard of one lady who add’s the Power of Green to all of her Beauty products and although I have not tried this myself, she has commented that they seem to absorb better into the Skin and the end results are much more profound.

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