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The God Attunement


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The God Attunement teaches you that anything is possible. The energies work on all levels and dimensions of reality and through all times so it can be sent anywhere and at any time. It is activated by your heart felt intention. All you need to do is say or think to yourself “God Attunement” to activate it. This attunement comes from God and being such it has infinite potential. Potential however is not actualisation. Receiving this attunement does not give you all of the abilities, powers, love and wisdom of God. The attunement will not cure disease or create instant enlightenment. The God Attunement will work with you to make the changes to your life in order for these gifts to manifest themselves. For example, you may need to learn certain lessons before you get what you want. You may just need the experience of your current situation for a given period of time before things will change. This system will ultimately teach you that you are in charge of your life and you have the power to make the changes that are needed. 

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