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The Etheric Temple of the 4 Goddess Activation


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The Etheric Temple of the 4 Goddess has been channeled to bring perfect balance between the masculine and feminine energies within every human being. They also work to build a solid foundation within the recipient by destroying all forms of illusion and any individual traits based on ego. In doing this you will gain the energetic connections of honesty, integrity, divine strength and power while also facilitating a quantum leap into higher dimensional frequencies of pure knowledge, understanding and enlightenment. When you are activated to these four energies, you are the guardian and the carrier of the strength, perfect balance and power of the supreme Divine Feminine. Using the symbol on a regular basis, you will gain the ability to reach further enlightenment, attain inner balance and to be part of spiritual experiences of the fifth dimension.”

The Four Goddesses that share the Etheric Temple’s Sacred Space are:

* Sekhmet – Known as the Lady of Life.

* Durga – Known as a Great Embodiment of Empowerment.

* Kali- Known as the Goddess of Time and Change.

* Brigid- Known as the Sun Goddess.

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