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The Etheric Flower and Crystal Essence Activation Package


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The Etheric Crystalline and Floral Energy Package has been created after several requests from people who have been looking for energies where they can encode the vibrations of specific flowers and/or crystals into their healing work. This is also a package that has been created to give you the ability to step into the world of Flower and Crystal healing to help align, balance and re-energise the Mind, Body & Spirit. Aspects of these attunements that are not covered anywhere else is that they will teach you how to self attune and encode the energies of any Crystal or Flowers into your auric field.

The attunements you will receive as part of this package are:

* Crystalline Reiki – Normally excluded from packages and offers

* Diamond Light Reiki – Normally excluded from packages and offers

* The Black Tourmaline & Obsidian Crystalline Flush

* The Celestial Crystal Empowerments

* The Chakra Flower Essence Activation

* The Ethereal Flower Fusion Flush Empowerment

* The Ethereal Moldavite Crystal Empowerment

* The Etheric Crystalline Encoding Lvl 1

* The Etheric Crystalline Encoding Lvl 2

* The Etheric Crystalline Encoding Lvl 3

* The Etheric Jasper Crystalline Flush

* The Gemstone Fusion Empowerment

* The Jeremejevite Crystalline Fusion Empowerment

* The Larimar Crystalline Flush Empowerment

* The Lithium Quartz Mental & Emotional Healing Method

* The New Energies of the Crystal Dragons

* The New Etheric Herbal Orb Empowerment

* The New Orgones and Tachyon Energy Flush Empowerments

* The Phenacite Crystal Empowerment

* The Quantum Quattro and Melody Stone Healing Empowerment

* The Queen of the Flowers – The Rose Essence Empowerment

* The Shamanic Hopi Stone Empowerment

* The Shiva Linga Essence

* The Spirit Quartz Healing Essence

* The Stellar Atom Crystal Empowerment

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