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The Etheric Crystalline Encoding Level 2


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The Ethereal Crystalline Encodings Level 2 is a continuation of the 1st level and introduces you to a selection of Highly Empowered Crystalline Transmissions that are being brought forth in preparation for the new awakening which will occur on December 21st, 2021. On this date, I believe that a new portal of Highly charged energies will be available to us as Lightworkers and Spiritual Seekers which will enable us to access a new Dimensional Vibration of energy that has been kept hidden from us until this time. This new energy is one that will truly awaken a deep desire that we have all felt within our Souls, a yearning for a new sense of working with Crystal energies.

The Etheric connections that you will receive through this simply yet effective attunement will not only give you access to their energies but will also work by creating subtle yet highly effective transformations within your own Etheric Body. As with previous Ethereal Crystal connections, it is possible to give powerful Crystal Healing without the use of physical Crystals. Through the attunement you will gain access to a specific Crystal Energy that you can simply channel via your heart felt intention.

The following Crystals will be Encoded into your Auric Field.

* Auralite (The Kindred Stone).

* Cancrinite (The Stone of Simplicity).

* Cerussite.

* Creedite.

* Crop Circle Stones.

* Gaspeite (The Awakening Stone).

* Gem Silica.

* Guardianite.

* Herderite (The Stone of the True Soul).

* Lithium Light.

* Mystic Merlinite.

* Padparadscha Sapphire.

* Preseli Snow Quartz.

You will also learn about the following:

* A Description of each Crystal including its Attributes and Healing Properties.

* A Colour Image of each Crystal.

* How to use the Energies of the New Ethereal Crystals.

* How to use them for Personal Use.

* How to Charge Water and other Objects with their Energies.

* How to Create an Etheric Crystal Orb.

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