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The Etheric Cord Clearing Empowerment


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The Etheric Cord Clearing Empowerment has been channeled as a set of spiritual tools that you can use for the optimal functioning and clearing of etheric cords. This attunement has been designed to support your energy practices and personal self development goals. The Spiritual Cord Flush Empowerment is also easy to use by utilising your heart felt intention. The distant attunement can also be used for general healing through the activation of all functions that will flow within your etheric background. This gives you a lot of flexibility and scope when you need to use them. Most important of all, I want you to discover new ways in which you can use these energies and have fun.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* What are Spiritual/Etheric Cords?

* Dimensional Cords.

* Cords of Etheric Intention.

* Subconscious Cords.

* Psychic Vampirism.

* How a Psychic Vampire Attack Happens.

* How To Scan For Etheric Cords.

* The Etheric Cord Clearing Empowerment Functions.

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