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The Divinity Initiations


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The Divinity Initiations have been designed with a single Intention which is to Initiate the Spiritual Seeker into their own path of Spiritual Enlightenment!. If the Seeker truly works with these Initiations then abilities such as enhanced Healing will manifest within their life as you move forward on your Spiritual Path. All forms of Energy Healing come from one place which is the Divine Spirit. All things Manifest and Un-Manifest originate in Spirit and the Creative Source. As the Creative Source manifests itself in your life, you will begin to see Life and Energy around you as the beautiful expression that it truly is meant to be. The Divinity Initiations are an expression of a need to offer something to others in order for them to use these Spiritual Tools to develop your personal relationship with the Divine.

You will receive the following Divinity Initiations with your Distant Attunement:

* The Divine Trinity.

* Divine Wisdom.

* Divine Power.

* Divine Freedom.

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