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The Divine Shakti Healing Empowerment – Awaken the Divine Feminine Within


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When you dive head first into the world of spirituality and especially energy healing, you are bound to hear the word SHAKTI sooner or later. A lot of people will refer to Shakti only as a Goddess and nothing else. Very few will give insights into what Shakti really is and how you can use the energies of Shakti to heal and align the trinity of mind, body & spirit. While this may seem like a vague, intangible concept – depending on the way the word is used you will soon come to understand that Shakti actually represents something very important, not just in humans, but in the universe as a whole. This attunement, although easy to use and understand, it is important that you be attuned to Reiki 1st degree before accepting these energies. In doing so, you will be able to learn and use Shakti in a transformative way as well as learning how to connect with the symbols that represent Shakti in all of its forms. We will also look at mantras, intentions and positive affirmations, all of which can be used to connect with the frequencies of the life-transforming Shakti energy.

Shakti Healing Empowerments will teach you about the following plus much more:

* What is Shakti Energy.

* Symbols Associated With Shakti

* Increasing Your Shakti Energy

* Mantras/Intentions to Heal & Balance the Chakras

* Self-Love Quotes that will Change your Life

* Working with Crystals

* Shakti: Awakening the Powers of the Inner Goddesses

* Sacred Feminism

* The Benefits of Increasing Shakti for Men and Women

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