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The Deity Initiations – Healing & Ascension with the Gods & Goddesses


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The Deity Initiations was channelled after several requests from students to create a brand new system which was similar to the Saint Initiations that I channelled between 2008 and 2021. The request was also made for me to bring forth the energies of the deities from several pantheons after several weeks of meditation, I began to channel this brand-new attunement. While I understand that there are already several God and Goddess attunements available online, including several from the Academy, I understood that a few of these were severely lacking in information about who you were being attuned to and how they would help you on your spiritual and life path. Not to mention no wording on how to work with them. Thankfully, all my channelled manuals are full to the brim with this information because when I channel, I create manuals as I would want to receive them myself so I just needed to continue doing what I do best in bringing this new system forward.

While I understand that you do not need an attunement to work with the Gods and Goddesses, these sacred initiations will help you to gain a deeper connection and a heightened level of awareness with them so they can communicate with you through ritual work, prayers, meditations and during your sleep time. Some of the deities are also known as patron gods/goddesses. A Patron Deity will become your main go-to god or goddess, the main person in your life. A patron deity is the one who will guide you, the one who will weave your path with you and the one who is always the main player in your spiritual practices and they will be your cosmic teacher. They are a powerful link between you and the godhead {divine consciousness}. As you work with the Gods and Goddesses including a patron {if you choose one} the energies of their archetype will rub off on you: an example of this is if you find that you are aligned with and work more with Venus, you will probably encounter themes of sensuality and the arts in your life. A devotee of Brigid will probably end up being a healer of some kind. A devote of Thor will learn to remove blockages with ease and grace. To an extent, you will take on the energy of that deity and while you work with them, you will be challenged to learn their skills.

Within the extensive 60-page manual, you will learn about the following and much more:

* Introduction

* Level 1 – The Greenman & Greenwoman, Norse Deities & Egyptian Deities.

* Level 2 – Greek Deities, Sumerian Deities & Celtic Deities.

* Level 3 – Wiccan God & Goddess, Ancient Archetypes & Healing Deities.

* Deity Altars.

* Working with the Deities.

* Appropriate Worship – Honouring the Gods the Way They Want.

* Get To Know the Deities.

* Offerings to the Gods & Goddesses and much more.

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