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The Compassion of the Goddess Quan Yin Empowerment


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The Compassion of the Goddess Quan Yin Empowerment has been channeled to help you to heal all internal wounds, pain, hurt and suffering that have been caused by a refusal to let go of the past. By letting go of the past, you give yourself permission to move past the experiences of the past so you can move forward within your personal and spiritual life. Through your connection with the Goddess Quan Yin you will gain the subtle yet life changing spiritual tools that will help you to move forward with the vibrations of love and compassion in your life. The Goddess Quan Yin will also help you by blessing you with a calming, restorative and healing energy which flows from the violet flame of forgiveness.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* Introduction to the Compassion of the Goddess Quan Yin.

* Who is Quan Yin.

* The Compassion of the Goddess Quan Yin Energy Functions.

* The Compassion of Quan Yin Empowerment Energy Functions.

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