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The Chakra Angels & Masters of Light Spiritual Empowerment


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While I understand that there are many attunements available that focus on working with the Angels I have not come across an attunement that combines the energies of the Angels, Masters and Chakras in such a way that you can work with them to bring forth healing and alignment to the trinity of mind, body & spirit. For several months, I have worked with this attunement, incorporating it into my daily self-healings and the healing sessions that I give to my clients through my in-person sessions as well as distant healing. While channelling this attunement, I have worked nonstop to make sure all insights, knowledge, information, prayers and energies for each of the Angels and the Masters are pure, true and honest. After several months, I now feel ready to start sharing the attunement with others in the hope that you will also benefit greatly from the gifts that the Angels and Masters have to offer. It is my ultimate hope that this attunement will teach you how to align yourself with these higher bands of energy for continued spiritual health, personal awakening and ascended well-being. The Chakra Angels & Masters of Light Spiritual Empowerment is an advanced open-ended attunement which means that there is the potential for new energies, angels and masters to make themselves known to you as you continue to work with the system and allow the vibrational codes to enter through your etheric background. You are therefore encouraged to work with this attunement regularly and to be open to new possibilities and ways in which you use the attunement in your daily life.

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