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The Babingtonite Crystalline Flush


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Babingtonite is a stone that one can use to move from one chapter of your life to the next. It is a stone that could be beneficial to anyone seeking closure with a certain situation, relationship or event that is no longer in alignment with the higher self and etheric blueprint so you can move forth to better things. A very important use of this new etheric stone is to help you identify what serves your true purpose and what is preventing you from making any progress. When you achieve the clarity of mind to be able to make this distinction, you will figure out how to proceed in life. On top of this, Babingtonite will help you to do some much-needed reflection of your life, your past and your inner self. During these times of self-reflection, you will start to observe the things that have helped you this far and now it is time for you to analyse these situations to see if they are needed as you enter the next chapter in your life. 

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