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The Alexandrite Crystalline Flush Empowerment


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The Alexandrite Crystal is one of the rarest and most highly prized of gemstones known to humankind. In its physical form through natural light, this stone will appear in hues of green, red or purple but in its spiritual form, it can appear in any colour of the rainbow. This unique appearance has earned it the nickname “Emerald by day, Ruby by night.” The shifting colours of Alexandrite are said to symbolise spiritual transformation making it an excellent crystal for those seeking to embrace and navigate shifts in their consciousness as well as their personal growth and spiritual development. The same colour-changing properties will quite often be seen when working with the etheric stone in meditation and healing sessions. Seeing within the psychic eye or just out of the corner of your eye, the colours sparkling as tiny specks of light so as you work with the crystal, do not be surprised if you start to see these flecks of light in your peripheral vision. Alexandrite is also seen as a stone of manifestation which is said to help bring about desired outcomes and the manifestation of intentions. This makes Alexandrite an excellent crystal to use before you send an attunement, receive an attunement, perform healing on yourself or others and practicing abundance/prosperity intentions. One aspect of Alexandrite that I find extremely fascinating is that it can be used to access past lives and ancestral wisdom, helping to bring about a deeper understanding of who you are and your place in the world. Why not see what Alexandrite wishes to bring to you, your healings and your meditations today by receiving this new distant attunement. 

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