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The Akal Empowerment


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The main aspect of this Empowerment is to give the initiate the ability to connect with the Energies of a Mantra which helps to release Fear while Relaxing the Mind and Spirit. I have worked with this Mantra on many occasions and have found it to be a very powerful healing tool. It is also very easy to use. The chanting of the Mantra works by connecting you to the underlying nature of the Eternal Soul. In our Modern World, many people suffer with Anxiety, Stress, Fear and Worry on a daily basis which can ultimately lead to severe Panic Disorder or even worse. It is a very common affliction and one that I have personally suffered with for many years but have now recovered from the daily Panic Attacks through using this Attunement and subsequent Mantra. The Akal Empowerment embodies the message that we are ultimately Safe Eternal Souls connected to God, who is beyond Death. The Matra “Akal, Maha Kal” literally means “Undying, Great Death” The Great Death does not mean Physical Death, but represents the infinite nature of God which has no beginning and no end. This Mantra is said to be “Life Giving” in that it reminds us of our TRUE NATURE which is that of the Divine Spirit. 

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