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The Addiction Flush Empowerment


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The Addiction Flush Empowerment is a unique Attunement that has been created with the sole purpose of helping someone to overcome any form of Addiction. Anyone can suffer with an Addiction during their lifetime and Addictions do not care if you are Rich, Poor, Male, Female, Young or Old. Addictions can also manifest in a whole host of different ways from an Addiction to eating too much or too little, Addictions to Cigarettes, Medication, Drugs, Alcohol, Money and even Distant Attunements. Yes you heard me correctly, there is an increasing number of people who are actually becoming Addicted to the Spiritual High that comes when an Attunement is accepted into someones life. As a Spiritual Teacher of over 14 years I have lost count at the number of times that I have heard the phrase from both Students and Teachers who say that they cant function unless they are receiving an Attunement or they can’t live without receiving an Attunement. This is simply an Attunement Addiction and while some Teachers out there will prey on this Addiction to fill their own pockets with the Students Money which in turn is an Addiction to Money on the teachers behalf, I prefer to step forward to say “STOP”. Now please don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the process of accepting Distant Attunements but when this process moves from one of Spiritual Progression to the point where someone has to receive more and more of something to get the “Spiritual High” that they are craving then it becomes a problem. It might seen strange to give an Attunement to someone with an Attunement Addiction but it is my hope that through the Addiction Flush Empowerment and actually working with the energies on a regular basis that someone with this form of Addiction will realise that they can receive the “Spiritual High” from working with these Energies. The same laws apply to someone with any form of Addiction. Regular use and activation of the Addiction Flush Empowerment will over time help you to ease the side effects of the Detox process as well as helping you to realise that there is more to life than the Addiction that you are wanting to release yourself from. 

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