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The 999 Angel Attunement Package


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When you work with Energy for Healing, Personal Growth and Spiritual Awakening, it is possible to gain access to a unique band of Energy that is welcoming us into its Frequency with open arms. This is the Vibration of the 999 Light Code Frequency. The Energies of the 999 Frequency will attune you to the most appropriate band of Energy that best suits what you want to achieve within your Healing work. This Brand New Attunement Package will attune you to the Energies of the 999Hz which Vibrates at a very high Frequency within the Angelic Realms and represents Unity, Spiritual Awareness and Personal Progression so if you want to connect with the Angelic Realm for Personal Development, Healing, Ascension and Conscious Awakening then this is the Package for you!

With this Package you will receive the following Attunements.

999 Angelic Realms

The 999 Angelic Realms is an Energy that is aligned with the Celetial Vibrations of the 999Hz Frequency which is known among Lightworkers and Spiritual Seekers as a very High Energetic Vibration. Within this realm, the Angels are easily accessible for your Personal and Professional Healing Services. The Energy of the 999 angelic Realms works to connect you to the path of Angelic Communication so that you can Ascend your Spiritual Vibration to their Energies. As you rause your Energy, you may start to see Visions of the Angels, you might also begin to hear the Choir of Angels sing their Heavenly Songs. The Enlightenment that you will be granted will help in all areas of your life.

999 Cosmic Light Oneness

999 Cosmic Light Oneness connects you with the Frequencies of the Celestial 999 Vibration. This Frequency allows you to connect with the Divine Godhead Energies. When you are aligned with this Higher Frequency, you will begin to sense a raising of your Energies so you can Ascend to a level in which you can easily overcome problems and situations in life with ease and grace. This High band of Energetic alignment works to list you above the issues on the Mundane level so that you can see the many varying perspectives in order to move forward in the right direction. When you can become at one with the Cosmic Consciousness on an Energetic level you will gain the ability to meet and rise up from any Earthly issues that arise in your life.

999 Frequency Enhanced Healer

The 999hz Frequency is one of the very few frequencies that connect you with the advanced vibrations of Sacred Source and those of the Angelic Realms. The 999 Hz is also believed to be Celestial in nature where you gain the energetic connections with the pure energies of the Universal Mind in order to bring forth profound Acceptance and Inner Knowledge. These vibrational energies are also believed to bring Healing and Alignment to all areas of your being {Mind, Body & Spirit}. Finally, the energies of this Empowerment will work within your Etheric Background bringing increased Love and Light.

999 Frequency Unconditional Love Attunement

999 Frequency Unconditional Love was channelled to help you raise your vibration while also aligning your energies with the 999Hz frequency and Source Energy. 999Hz Frequency is a very high vibrational energy that is considered to be Celestial in nature meaning that it has a very close connection with the Angelic Realms. This Frequency of Energy has amazing properties which can raise your Vibration, Connect you to ALL THAT IS as well as bring about a deep sense of Peace, Power, Healing & Acceptance. The Energies of this Attunement will raise you up into the realms or Pure Unconditional Love, raising you up above Lower Vibrations that may cause Emotions such as Anger, Judgement, Irritation, Frustration, Narrow Mindedness etc. Such Emotions are not only Dangerous to your Well-Being but also cannot Co-Exist with the energies of the 999 Frequency.

999 High Magick Clear & Protect Reiki

999 High Magick Clear & Protect Reiki has been designed to connect you to the Source Energies and your Higher Self for Empowerment, Clearing and Spiritual Protection. The system works with the Frequency of the 999 Energy which is a Powerful Vibrational Frequency that works to blast away Negativity and any Negative Attachments that may be around you. The Energies of this Attunement also work to surround you with a Protective Bubble of Light that will create a barrier against any Lower Energy Frequency that may work against you. Negative Energies are always of a lower Frequency so they are dense in Vibration and cannot penetrate the Higher Frequencies of the 999 Band of Energy.

999 High Magick Prosperity & Abundance Reiki

This system works within the Vibration of the 999 Frequency. It is an energy that is infused with Magickal Lightwork and Reiki Energy which for me is a perfect balance. The Attunement works to connect you to the Vibration of the 999 Frequency, Sacred Source Energy and your Higher Self for Empowerment, Prosperity and Abundance in all areas of your life. Using the Energies of 999 High Magick Prosperity and Abundance Reiki is quick and easy and it begins to work towards improving your Finances as soon as it is activated.

999 Red Violet Success Energy

The 999 Red Violet Success Energy is a system of Pure Energy that connects you to the elevated Frequencies of 999 with the emphasis on Success and Spiritual Empowerment. It works by raising your Vibrations so that you Vibrate within the spectrum of the colour Red and Violet which is the colour of Power, Transformation and Manifestation. Working with this Energy will lift you into the realms of Spiritual Empowerment as well as give your life a Jump Start so you can move forward from all lower energies which might be holding you back or weighing you down.

999 Silver Ray Abundance Energy

The Abundance in your life is determined by the Energy you are aligned with. When your Energy is low for whatever reason, it is difficult to raise the level of Abundance in your life. With the help of Ascended Master El Morya you are given this Energy System in order to assist your life to raise your Vibrations to the Energetic Energy of 999 Silver Ray Abundance. It can also raise your Energy enough for you to jump into the next level of Spiritual Abundance which is that of Pure Thought, Pure Power and Pure Awareness. If for any reason you do not feel Abundant in your life, if you do not have the flow of Abundance that you are needing at this time, this system can help you to shift your mindset into a new frame of awareness to allow all forms of Goodness to come forth to you. It is important for you to know that no matter what level you are in, you can raise your Abundance of Energy through the 999 Silver Ray Energies.

Anilos Activation 999

Anilos 999 is an Energetic Frequency from the Dimension of Lentos which opens a Portal to the Divine Thought Field to decode your DNS/DNA in its original form. Your Light Body and your God cells become fully activated to receive the Divine Light of the Universal Consciousness. Anilos 999 begins to unfold in your Energy Field and your access to the Divine Consciousness is created. Healing occurs within all layers of your Auric Field and Chakra system as well as a Spiritual Clearing and Purification on all levels of your being.

Ascendency Energy 999

Mother Earth and Humanity are moving into a New Energetic Frequency which is the Vibration of 999. This Frequency will help guide us to identify with our own Inner Light so that it can be felt and expressed throughout all of the Earth. Ascendency Energy 999 has been designed to help you stretch yourself through all of your Spiritual Bodies so that you can awaken your Spiritual Path as well as Align your Astral, Emotional and Mental Body. By raising your Vibration to the Natural Oscillation Frequency of 999, you will fill each and every Chakra of the Modern Age with the Energies of this New Era of Understanding and Awakening.

Chephren 999 – Transformation of Kristalline Matrix

During your Attunement to the Chephren 999 – Transformation of Kristalline Matrix you will be guided through a process of Spiritual Death and Rebirth with the Egyptian God Anubis and Thot to the Chephren Pyramid where you will Spiritually enter a Sarcophagus of Transformation and Cleansing. During your Etheric Ceremony, you will be placed into the Sarcophagus where Space and Time will no longer exist. This Ceremony will last for the duration of your Attunement but will also continue from 2-5 days post Attunement. Anubis will bring your Adam Kadamon (Body) to the Underworld so that he can remove all faulty Kristalline Structures (Fears, Faulty Programs, Low Emotions, Cosmic Implants and Entities) in order to Clear and Transform them. Thot will accompany your Soul in a journey to the Cosmic Consciousness where you will receive Spiritual Teaching and Healing so you can re-connect to your Adam Kadamon (Body).

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