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The 4 Holy Archangelic Attunements


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The 4 Holy Archangelic Attunement works to help with all forms of Angelic Healing, Communication, Empowerment, Meditation and Spiritual Blessings.

The Archangels are beings of Love and Light that Eminate from the Sacred Source of the Divine Consciousness. They are also seen as our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters. The Archangels follow a different line of Evolution from us and they are believed to already possess the Energies of Love, Wisdom and Power over their Domain. They are Consciously at one with God/Source and All that Is. The Archangels offer us Healing for anything that is asked of them but they will never interefer with us Karmic Contracts and our Free Will so they must always be invited into our lives if their Energies are to be experienced. They can help with any issue and in all circumstances as long as we ask them with a sincere Heart.

The 4 Archangelic Attunements are:

* Archangel Michael – Power, Protection & Guidance.

* Archangel Gabriel – Peace, Love, Joy & Freedom.

* Archangel Rapahel – Healing, Health, Vitality and Spiritual Well-Being.

* Archangel Uriel – HArmony, Balance & Sacred Alignment.

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