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Spiritual Dreadlocks


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This attunement has a fixed fee of $88 but the founder has given me permission to offer it for less through the Academy.

Now, I will be completely honest in saying that I was not going to receive this attunement or advertise it on my website because it just didn’t feel right to me. The name of the manual felt strange but everything changed when I read the manual and understood what dreadlocks mean in a spiritual sense and how they can be a positive attribute on our spiritual path. One day while meditating, Rishi was meditating when he suddenly felt a strange sensation on his head. It was like his hair was growing and forming into dreadlocks. It was all happening ethereally and not in real-time. He could not believe what was happening and what he was experiencing. However, as he continued to meditate, the sensation became more intense and he began to realise that something extraordinary is happening. He was experiencing ethereal dreadlocks or better words – Spiritual Dreadlocks. From that day on, his spiritual dreadlocks became a symbol of his spiritual journey and personal growth. Dreadlocks may hold personal or cultural significance for some on their spiritual journey but for Rishi they contributed to his spiritual growth and enlightenment which he hopes they will also do for you too.

The benefits of this system are many but they will specifically focus on the following:

* Mind-Body Connection – The process of forming and maintaining dreadlocks requires patience, dedication and mindfulness which can help to cultivate a stronger mind-body connection.

* Spiritual Awareness – For some individuals, wearing dreadlocks can hold spiritual or symbolic significance so this system can provide a sense of connection or meaning beyond just the physical appearance.

* Soul Star Chakra Activation – Using this system can help to activate the soul star chakra, which is located above the crown chakra and is associated with spirituality, enlightenment, and cosmic consciousness.

* Spiritual Protection – Dreadlocks are a symbolised connection to God, and they also offer protection from negative energy and evil spirits. Using this system can help in protection from negative energies and evil spirits.

* Strength – Dreadlocks are seen as a symbol of strength and resistance against oppression. This system will strengthen your core and mind.

* Increased Prana Energy – Some practitioners believe that wearing dreadlocks can help to enhance the flow of prana or life force energy in the body, leading to increased spiritual awareness. This system may help in balancing or increasing the flow of Prana energy.

* Inner Peace – Spiritual Dreadlocks can help to enhance one’s spiritual practice and promote a state of inner stillness and meditation. Using this system can have a positive impact on the mind and can promote a sense of inner peace and connection to the divine.

* Spiritual Connection – As mentioned earlier, spiritual dreadlocks can represent a connection to the earth and the divine. They can symbolise an individual’s commitment to living a spiritual life and their connection to all living things.

Regular use of this system will enhance your spiritual connection with the divine. Overall, the benefits of this system may vary depending on the individual and their personal values and beliefs.

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