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Spirit Light Meditation Program


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Welcome to the Spirit Light Meditation Program! This new and exciting distant attunement has been given to us as a set of guided meditations and divine healing practices that come from the realms of the Celestial Hierarchy and a very powerful crystal that I own called “The Energy Point of Light” {See picture on the left}. Through these meditational practices and channelled teachings, you will be able to merge with a beautiful suite of healing frequencies to help create feelings of incredible love and peace that flow through the body. For those of you who are already working with other forms of energy healing, meditations and spiritual practices, this attunement will bring a new and unique perspective to your healing work as well as give you the ability to accept an increased array of loving frequencies into your life. For those who are being introduced to energy healing for the first time through this attunement, I am excited to welcome you to these beautiful and loving frequencies.
The design for the Spirit Light Meditation Program was given to me through intuitive meditation with the Celestial Hierarchy whom I have worked for over 15 years. The name that was given to me for this new attunement was “The Spirit Light Meditation Program” This is simply a representation of the guided aspects of the practice which will lead you onto a new path in your life. It will also teach you about a new way of communicating with people as well as helping you to awaken to the divine light that resides within you. The attunement will help you to understand that the energies being worked with during the meditations are from a higher source of love, compassion and spiritual wisdom, thus they help you to move toward the vibrations of love and light through meditative practices and self-healing.  
When completed, the Spirit Light Meditation Program will form the basis for one complete meditation which works to raise your energies in order for them to vibrate within the frequencies of love, awakening and understanding. A key aspect of the meditative work at the Master Level is an understanding of the divine power which comes from applying altruistic intention to your spiritual practices. As you begin to understand and feel the impact that the altruistic intention has on your energy-based healing work, you will be better prepared to cultivate these new mindsets in your meditative practice and in your daily life. In this way the practices can help to open portals to a greater sense of positivity and spiritual awareness. When you combine the energy of Spirit Light with the altruistic intention, and the I AM presence you will begin a process of transforming your consciousness into higher levels of awareness. With time, this will help you to move closer towards positive health, happiness, peace, love, spiritual awakening and ascension. 

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