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Solar Star Energy Attunement


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The Planets in our Solar System may be thought of as the Chakras of the Solar System with the Sun being at the centre of the Force that every plant is energised from. the Sun is the centre of Life and the Light which upholds all Terrestrial Manifestations. The Sun, the Star which our Planet orbits is the Physical Body of an Archangelic being of Cosmic Stature and Degree. Everything we see and touch upon this Planet is an adaptation of Solar Energy. The Sun is the Crown of our Solar System becasue it mediates the Universal Energy into it. Our Sun synchronises with the enermous central Galaxy, receiving Sparks of Light that shine more intensely for us, producing Solar Flares as well as changes in the Suns Magnetic Field. And all the aforementioned energies and characteristic of the Sun is within our Hearts. The Aura of the being just like the sun extends throughout the Solar System. This being is sometimes called the Solar Logos and Solar Star. 

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