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Silver Platinum Ray of Zapharel


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The Silver Platinum Ray of Zapharel is a very intensive system of Energy Healing that was given to Stephen by Seraph Zapharel who is a member of the Seraphic Angelic Beings of Light. The Silver Platinum Ray comes to you directly from Source and can be used as a Personal Development Tool as well as utalising the Energies to help others on their Spiritual and Life PAth. This Vibrational Ray has a cool feeling to it when it is activated, therefore it can be used to help clear Energy Blockages by Releasing and Re-Aligning your Energy Field so that you can regain a state of Completeness and Oneness, enabling you to lead a Happier and Contented Life. By receiving the conenction to the Silver Platinum Ray you will begin a process of Realignment and Releasement which over time will enable you to follow the Guidance that you will be given by Sacred Source and Seraph Zapharel. 

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The Light of Zapharel Series / The Diamond of Zapharel / The Star of Zapharel / The Love and Peace Alignment


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