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Shaman Rattle Reiki


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The Energies of Shaman Rattle Reiki have been created to give you a unique Spiritual Tool called “The Etheric Rattle of Light”.

Wtihin the Shaman Rattle Reiki manual, Manuela explains that Rattles are amoung the most important of the Shamanic Ceremonial Tools which are used to produce a sound that is used to bring Healing and Creation to Mind, Body and Spirit. For a Shaman, the Rattle is not only a Healing Tool but is one of the most profound Tools that one can use to call down the Vibrations of the Spirits as well as enabling the Shaman to enter into other Dimensions. A Rattle is also a powerful Antenna that can inform you about what is going on around you or if there are Negative Vibrations within your Environment. With this Attunement, you will receive your very own Etheric Rattle of Light so you can use it to bring Healing to yourself and Clients as well as bringing forth Spiritual Helpers who will work with and through you when you give healings to yourself and others.

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