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Seraph Zapharel Attunement Package


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The energies of Zapharel are some of the most advanced that I have ever worked with. Not only is Zapharel a blessing to humanity but the vibrations that are encoded into your Aric Field when you connect with him are life-changing. Within this package, you will receive several attunements that have all been designed to build upon your connection with Zapharel while also assisting you with spiritual practices such as Healing, Ascension & Enlightenment.

Below you will find a description of each attunement within this package

* The Light of Zapahrel Series

Archangel Zapharel is an Angelic Being who is part of realms of the Seraphim. The seraphim are the highest order within the Angelic Realms and represent the ultimate forms of Love, Joy, Happiness and the advancement of Spiritual Awareness. Through these unique connections, you will receive the aspects of Seraph Zapharel. In total there are 5 Invitations within the Light of Zapharel Series which are listed below:

The Light of Zapharel Initiation

This attunement will gently raise your vibrations to a level that is high enough for you to receive the remaining Light Attunements and will also introduce you to Seraph Zapharel.

The Light of Passion and Enthusiasm

The Light of Passion and Enthusiasm Attunement begins an ongoing process of Intuitive Healing that removes the Negativity and Anger that can be present in all Humans and which may be carried over from previous Lifetimes.

The Light of Clear Vision and Understanding

The Light of Clear Vision and Understanding works to help you see more clearly your Spiritual Path and the Direction you are following to enable you to make the changes that are needed in your life.

The Light of Protection and Guidance

The Light of Protection and Guidance has been created to help you when you feel exposed and lost without any Guidance as to where your Spiritual or Life’s path is heading. Without Guidance your whole Energetic Vibration can decrease and you are often left not knowing where the Beauty and Love is that surround you every day of your life.

The Light of Love and Acceptance

The Light of Love and Acceptance teaches you about the importance of Love in your Life. Love exists in all of us and often we are unable to accept or give it freely to ourselves and others. It is easy to say how much you Love Someone yet how often do you say it with the true meaning and depth of this powerful word. The Light of Love and Acceptance will help you to understand the true menaing of what it is to Love Yourself and to Love Others. As you progressively receive the Attunements to the Light of Zapharel you will begin to incorporate them into your regular Healing Sessions. You might also find that Zapharel will automatically begin channeling his Energies through you more often than you use them so allow yourself to be open to these Beautiful Energies and walk the path of Enlightenment with Seraph Zapharel.

* The Diamond of Zapharel

The Diamond of Zapharel is a continuation of the original Light of Zapharel attunements which were channeled in 2004. It is also highly recommended that you receive the Light of Zapharel Attunements before you receive the Diamond of Zapharel but this is not set in stone. Subsequent channelling sessions between Stephen and Seraph Zapharel, Stephen was given an Etheric Diamond with the instructions that this be Etherically Encoded into the Auric Field of those who choose to work with tit. Through this Etheric Encoding you will gain the ability to easily call upon the Energies of Zapharel and the Diamond in times when you need Spiritual Guidance and Energetic Assistance or if you simply with to experience his presence. The Diamond of Zapharel is also a Symbol of Purity and can assist you in bringing your life into a state of Balance.

* The Star of Zapharel

The Star of Zapharel is a continuation of the channeling work with Seraph Zapharel. Although this Attunement can be received on its own, it is highly recommended that you also receive the Attunements to the Light of Zapharel and Diamond of Zapharel so that you can fully embrace the Purity and Advanced Energies of Zapharel. The Star of Zapharel is is an Etheric Symbol that is Encoded into your Auric Field as well as your 7 Chakras, infusing them with the blessings of Seraph Zapharel’s Energies. Through this Spiritual Encoding of the Star of Zapharel, you will set in motion subtle Energetic changes that will work to bring you into a state of BAlance and Alignment of your Spiritual Body. Working well with Relationships on all levels, the Star is also a wonderful addition for those who have Identity or Orientation issues or are recovering from Confusion regarding Sexual Orientation. These issues can be difficult to deal with alone and often the individual who is trying to work out who they are will feel alone with no one to turn to. Receiving the Star of Zapharel can help with Gender/Orientation based Healing by infusing you with a Calming and Relaxing Energy that will assist you in seeing more clearly the issues that are causing you pain at this moment in time. The Star of Zapharel will simply work with you and will assist you in your day to day life in any way that you wish to use the Energies.

* The Silver Platinum Ray of Zapharel

The Silver Platinum Ray of Zapharel is a very intensive system of Energy Healing that was given to Stephen by Seraph Zapharel who is a member of the Seraphic Angelic Beings of Light. The Silver Platinum Ray comes to you directly from Source and can be used as a Personal Development Tool as well as utalising the Energies to help others on their Spiritual and Life PAth. This Vibrational Ray has a cool feeling to it when it is activated, therefore it can be used to help clear Energy Blockages by Releasing and Re-Aligning your Energy Field so that you can regain a state of Completeness and Oneness, enabling you to lead a Happier and Contented Life. By receiving the conenction to the Silver Platinum Ray you will begin a process of Realignment and Releasement which over time will enable you to follow the Guidance that you will be given by Sacred Source and Seraph Zapharel.

* The Love & Peace Alignment

The Love and Peace Alignment is a continuation of the original Light of Zapharel Energies that were channeled by Stephen. Shortly after the original channeling work Stephen was guided to share this energy with all who felt guided to receive them in the hope that the Energies will help to reduce Anger, Hate and Negativity. This is not just personal Anger or Negativity but also Worldwide Anger, Hatred and Negativity which is something that we all see and hear of everyday on the News or Social Media. This Energy is to be used to help replace these Negiative Energies with those of Unconditional Love and Peace. The Love and Peace alignment is an Energetic Connection that Seraph Zapharel has brought forth to assist you in your daily life to enable you to send Love and Peace to those around you as well as Mother Earth. Feelings of Anger, Pain and Hurt are felt by us all and this Attuneemnt has been designed to help replace these with Calming, Soothing Energies of Love and Peace.

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