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Sephiroth Care


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Sephiroth Care is a system of Energy work that has been designed for Cleansing and Replenishing each Sephirah Tree of Life Energy Centers in the Body. The Sephiroth Tree of Life is believed to depict Creation. The energy which is seen at the top is the most undifferentiated in Source. As the Energies move down from the Eternal Sacred Source, various attributes of Divinity are more prominent. Eventually, the Energies will reach Malkuth which is the Kingdom and is here in this reality on Earth.

There are various levels within Sephiroth Care which include a very strong frequency of energy that includes the names of God. Thes names are given both in Hebrew and English. Hebrew is thought by some people to be the language of God so it is quite often used when pronouncing the Symbols and Names used in this system. Hebrew is also one of the languages that many sacred texts have been written in. The letters within the Sephiroth Care manual are written in English and not Hebrew Aleph-Beth to assist you in verbalizing the various attributes of Divinity. The names of God are also believed to bring forth a very high frequency of energy from the Divine that will flow into your body which will occur within Alignment with the Eternal Divine Blueprint. When you are in Alignment with Divinity, you will find that life simply becomes easier and your connection with the Divine will be strengthened.

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