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Selenite Aura Cleanse Empowerment


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The Selenite Aura Cleanse Empowerment is a powerful energetic system that has been created to clear the Aura, helping to remove Negative Build Up’s, Attachments and Etheric Cords that no longer serve your Highest Good. The energies have been developed to help you to remove all forms of Negativity that are attached or trapped within your Ethereal Body and Auric Layers. The energies of Selenite absorb all Negativity like a Sponge meaning that when you activate the attunement the Spiritual Energy of Selenite will soak all energies that no longer serve you like a Sponge. It can also be used to help remove Cords from the Aura that attach you to People and Places. The Etheric Selenite energies bring forth feelings of Peace and Harmony, restoring and connecting Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being.

You can use Selenite Aura Cleanse for the following and much more:

* Restoration of your Inner Light.

* Improving your Energy Levels.

* Cleansing and Refreshing your Aura.

* Removing Negative Cords and Attachments.

* Improving Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being.

* Removing Cords.

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