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Sekhmet Alignment


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Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess of Chaos and Healing. She is also referred to as the Goddess of the Hot Desert Sun, making her a Solar Deity often depicted with a Disk Symbol. above her head. “Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess of Chaos and Healing. Her name means “She who is powerful”. The Goddess is seen as a woman with the head of a Lioness, wearing a Sun Disk to symbolise her close connection with the God Ra, the God of the Sun. She is often depicted holding an Ankh and a Sceptre. This new energy stream will put you into alignment with the Goddess by connecting you with her last remaining living statue in modern Egypt {situated in Karnak}. This statue is a conduit to the Goddess herself and is the perfect portal for us to connect with both her and her energy. Once aligned, you will be able to download the relevant light codes during your attunement and then, whenever, you wish to work with Sekhmet, you will have the link embedded within your Autic Field. Sekhmet is something of a Goddess of Duality, in that she can be both Fierce, Protective, Strong and Nurturing. Many fear her as a Goddess of Fury; however, those who know her say that she is most of all a loving, Mother who is always loyal to her children. Once introduced and known to this deity, she will forever be a guiding light in your life and subsequent meditations and healing sessions

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