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Sacred Breath (A Journey of Remembering)


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This beautiful system of Energy Healing has been designed to take you to to the Primal Energies of Nature and Mother Earth. A place that is long forgotton and hidden from our Waking Consciousness. A place where you can Re-Cponnect with the Sacred Songs of the Universal Consciousness. Sacred Breath allows you to send Healing not just to yourself but also to the very Core of our Blessed Mother Earth. As you work with the Energies of Sacred Breath you will Re-Connect with a place within your Heart where you will remember that you are ONE with the Universe and are not separate from it. This system is about Love, Sharing and Respect that we hold for one anther as well as a Love for the Blessed Planet that we call Home.

This is a very Intensive Spiritual Attunement that has basis on Shamanic Teachings but it is also very similar to that of Traditional Reiki. It is a system that brings Balance to the Mind, Body & Spirit while giving you the ability to heal yourself in a natural and simple way.

The Sacred Breath Manual covers many aspects of how to work with the Energies including the following:

* Sacred Breath History.

* Breath of the East Wind/Elemental.

* Breath of Air Breath/Elemental.

* Breath of Water Breath/Elemental Breath of Fire.

* Breath of the North/Elemental Breath of Earth.

* Breath of the Rainbow Breathing/Moon.

* Breathing the Sun.

* Crystal Clearing Breath.

* Dolphin Breath/Meditation.

* Healing with Sound.

* Hand Positions

* Additional Information/Aides.

* Bach Flower Remedies.

* Healing With Essential Oils/Herbs.

* Gifts of the Stone Lodge People.

* Chakras.

* Ethereal Crystals.

* Animal Medicine/Totems.

* Working With Colours.

* Feather Healing.

* Cardinal Directions.

* Smudging Ceremony.

* Sacred Breath Attunement Process.

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