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Rose Quartz Self-Love Flush


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The Rose Quartz Self-Love Flush is a system that has been channeled to harness the beautiful energies of the Rose Quartz Crystal. Through working with this Flush you will gain the ability to clear blockages from the Heart Chakra which might be preventing you from truly loving yourself. The Flush Empowerment does this by filling your whole body with Pure Unconditional Love that comes to you directly from the Universal Consciousness. The Energies of this Flush are Strong and Pure, Comforting and Strengthening, Flushing away all Self-Doubt and Negativity from the Mind, Body & Spirit. The Energies have been desgined to help you to feel the soothing Warmth of Self-Love through use, providing Inner Harmony and Assurance. The Energies will help you to override that Negative Inner Voice which is Judgemental and Destructive, replacing it with a Gentle, Nuturing, Encouraging, Comforting Voice that wants the best for you and wants to help and guide you on your Spiritual and Life’s path. 

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