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Responsibility Reiki


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The Responsibility Reiki Distant Attunement has been channeled to help with all forms of Self-Healing, Healing Others in Person or Distantly as well as giving you the ability to send Healing to Specific Situations. Responsibility is a very difficult conept for many people. Some people take too little or no Responsibility for their Actions, others take Responsibility for Actions which are not their own and others are “Victims” and give up their Responsibility and therefore their Personal Power. Responsibility Reiki aims to bring about a balance, helping to give clarity to enable people to see their responsibility and feel good about accepting it. In so doing it also enables people to see when something is not their responsibility and therefore they have no need to feel guilty as the situation is not in their realm of control. Responsibility Reiki does not Seek to “Make” people take Responsibility for Perceived Wrong Doings but rather to bring Heightened Awareness in all Situations. Responsibility Reiki is Non-Judgemental and always works for the Highest Good of all Concerned. 

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