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Remembering My Divine Self Reiki


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The Remembering My Divine Self Reiki Empowerment is a very gentle Empowerment that has been designed to help you release all Non-Serving Beliefs that you hold about who you are and to Consciously Remember and Embrace your True Divine state of Being. In doing so, you will once again allow your Inner Light to shine through. When you remember your Divine Self, you become aware of who you truly are, not your roles as a Parent, Partner, Son, Daughter. Not your Work or Occupation. Not your Worries, Fears, Regrets and Doubts. Not your Past or your Future, but of your Truth Light which is Shining here and now in this very moment in time. All layers will fall away and you are left with your True Divine Essence. When you remember your Divine Self, you open yourself to your Divine Power for Manifesting and Change. Your Creativity as a Divine Spark of pure Light open new Channels of Expression and Expansion. 

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