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Releasing Toxic People, Places & Things Reiki


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Many people believe that the way to deal with Toxic People and People to shield yourself from Negative Energies. While this is a very true aspect of everyones life, this system helps you to release Toxicity in all areas of your life. In extreme circumstances Energetic Shielding is sometimes not enough and often releasing some People, Places and Things that are no longer for your Highest Good, the only way to truly deal with these situations is to completely release them from your life. This system will help you to do this. Through the Attunement, you will be connected to the Higher Beings of Light as well as Archangel Michael, Chamuel and Raphael to help you release anything any anyone who is Toxic to you and your Family. This system brings Healing and Protection but the first step is releasing and stopping the Toxic Energies so that they do not continue to surround you. 

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