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Reiki Grand Master 5th & 6th Degree’s


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The Reiki Grand Master Degree’s or Secret Degree’s as they are also known are not part of the traditional teaching of Master Mikao Usui. Although Master Usui’s name is within the initial degree lineages this is only due to the inclusion of symbols that Master Usui received but was removed from the western teachings of Usui Reiki. The remainder of the Grand Master Degree’s are designed to give you the spiritual tools that you can use to tap into sacred symbols and mantras which when combined with meditation will bring the true meaning of each symbol to the individual seeking its knowledge and wisdom.

Reiki Grand Master 5th & 6th Degree

Within your initial introduction to the Reiki Grand Master Degree’s you gain the energetic connection to two sacred symbols called LARGE HARMONY and LARGE DIVIDING. The 5th & 6th degrees belong together like yin and yang and in accepting their vibrational frequencies into your life you will also gain this balance within your life. Visualization methods, Heighten Frequency Technique and information on how to use the symbols of the 5th and 6th degree will be given within the manual provided.

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