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Reiki Bomb


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This attunement has a fixed fee of $89 but the founder has given me permission to offer it for less through the Academy.

Scientists believe that our universe started with an explosion which they call the “Big Bang”. This theory states that through the rapid expansion and extreme outward release of energy, creation was manifested. Creation and destruction are interdependent. Even within our physical body, our cells die every day and many are created. In another way, we can say that we die and are reborn every day. A Reiki bomb does not mean that it is harmful. Even though it is a “Bomb” it is etheric in nature and consists of love, light and positivity. Always remember Reiki can never harm and in the same way, a Reiki Bomb is harmless but has many helpful features which work to remove blockages from the Chakras, Auric Field, Meridians etc. Reiki Bomb is a mixture of various Reiki modalities including Reiki, Karuna Ki, Kundalini Reiki and other reiki energies that have been used to deliver tremendous energy to save time and to quicken the healing purpose. It is also helpful in removing blockages, cleaning negative energies, parasites, negative influences, imprints, and entities, and also for cord cutting.

Other benefits of the Reiki Bomb Include:

* Healing – Due to the Reiki Bomb being a mixture of different Reiki energies it is an excellent healing option for those who are unable to get results from a specific modality.

* Dissolving – We learn the 5 Principles of Reiki which originated from the 5 issues presented in the human psyche as per Vedic literature. These are Lust, Greed, Anger, Ego & Maya {Non-Serving Cords}. Reiki Bomb has the power to dissolve all these things so that we can bring our life back onto the Reiki path.

* Confidence – Reiki Bomb can be used as a spiritual weapon that is used for protection. Through this energy, your cellular structures will be armed and protected to fight back against unwanted energies and external influences. We all know that Reiki cannot harm us so it can be used on those who bully us or spiritually harm us. Using Reiki Bomb will help to distract them so they no longer feel the need to interfere with your life.

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