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Raven Runelore Shamanic Healing System


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The Raven Runelore Shamanic Healing System has been channeled as a way to unite the Magic of the Raven to its sister vibration of the Runes. Within this context, the subtle energetic patterns of the Raven shows us that it is the Battle Warrior and chooser of the slain, The Valkyrie. Remeber though that these titles are symbolic and it is in the Valkyrie/Raven Goddess that we are given the strengh and capacity to work with the energies The Raven brings the power and the Runes provide the energetic key to enable you to unlock and use them. This system is perfect for Healing, Protection, Energy Clearing and Negative Energy Removal.

Within the 34 page manual you will learn about the 4 Symbols of Raven Runelore.

* The Healing Symbol

* The Negative Clearing Symbol

* The Protection Symbol

* The Success Symbol

You will also learn about the following:

* The Nine Sacred Herbs of Odin.

* The Viking Lodstone and its uses.

* Raven as Guide, Power, Totem Animal.

* The 24 Nordic Runes and their use.

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