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Pyramid Reiki


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Pyramids can be used for many reasons but they are mainly incorporated into spiritual practices due to their ability to amplify healing vibrations. By combining Pyramid Power with Reiki, we can learn to channel higher levels of Spiritual Energy to ourselves and others. Pyramid Reiki is simple to use but the energies are very powerful when utilised in a healing session. The energies will work to increase your Healing Vibration to levels which exceed other forms of channeled energy. Pyramid Energy has been known to increase Psychic Abilities, Health, Well-Being, Sleep, Concentration and release stress. It is thought that the Pyramid has the power to return things to their natural state of how things should be, this could help you to regain what you have lost over many lifetimes.

{Note: I do not have a lineage for Pyramid Reiki. This does not affect the quality of the attunement that is given or the energies you will work with}.

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