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Platonic Solids Geometric Starseed Alignment


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This new Attunement has been designed to create a Loving, Nurturing Energetic Space to allow the Starseed to take time out from the Mundane World so that they can Re-connect with their Celestial Home. This allows Light Codes of information to be received and assimlated with ease. It will also allow Spiritual Guidance from others of your Celestial Home, Spiritual Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters to come to you with ease. The Platonic Solids will be Energetically Encoded into your Etheric Field to help you in recalling Past Life Memories, in between Lifetime Memories and Memories from Lifetimes in other Star Systems and Dimensions.

You will learn about the following and much more:

* Platonic Solids for Starseed Integration, Awakening, Walk-In’s and Twinflames.

* Platonic Solids through History.

* How Platonic Solids integrate into your Energy Field.

* Platonic Solids and Chakra Alignment.

* Channeled Communications from the Pleiadian Collective.

* How to work with the Energies.

* Personal Starseed Expereinces and much more.

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