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Pet Bereavement Reiki


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Pet Bereavement Reiki is a system that was channeled by Amanda after she experienced a very difficult time after the loss of one of her beloved pets. It is a system of Energy Healing that has been designed to help those who are Grieving over the loss of a Pet. It can be used for self healing or for healing others. Grief is a very difficult Emotion to deal with and is often an Emotional State that we can get stuck in, it consumes us and we feel like we are drowning in the Grief of the loss. Pet Bereavement Reiki doesnt stop the grief from coming into your life but will help you to grieve in a much more calming way, a way that allows all the necessary feelings of loss to be felt and experienced but ultimately helping you to let them go and to move past them in a much faster and more loving way. Pet Bereavement Reiki helps by Dissolving Grief and allowing Love and Comfort to surround you during the grievning process. Pet Bereavement Reiki helps you to let go of any Anger or Frustration you may have. It dissolves feelings of Helplessness and Hopelessness. Pet Bereavement Reiki uses the energies of acceptance, helping you to no longer be consumed with the how’s, why’s and what’s. 

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