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Past Life Reiki


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Past Life Reiki has been designed to help connect you to the energy of your Eternal and Sacred Soul so you can re-connect to the energies of connects you to the energy of your never dying soul so that you can reconnect to past lives you may have had. Past lives influence the life you are living presently in ways you may not understand. This system works to help you to discover any Past Lives you may have lived so you can understand that the energiy from these previous lifetimes are just that, they are part of your past. The information gained is to be used to help you continue to grow and expand on your journey through this lifetime. The guided Meditations in the manual you will receive will help you to get in touch with who you truly are for Self Discovery. The information you discover will help you overcome Fears that may seem irrational in this lifetime so to understand some of your prominent behaviours that seem to dominate your life. 

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