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Pancreas Care


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Pancreas Care is an Energy System that has been designed to promote the optimum health of your Pancreas and Gallbaladder. Both of these Organs use a common Bile Duct to transport Enzymes into the Digestive tract so if there are any blockages or Energetic misalignments within these Organs or the Bile Duct you can suffer from a multitude of Health Problems. Your Pancreas also secretes Hormones that regulate the Blood Sugar Levels throughout the Body. Recently it was learnd that some of the same Glucose regulating Hormones are also made by the Gall Bladder. A Pancreas Care Healing Session focuses on providing your Pancreas and Gall Bladder with the Energetic Support it needs to regulate Blood Sugar Levels as well as performing a thorough clearing on these 2 Organs so that they resonate with optimum Health and Vitality.

Please remember that this attunement is not a substitute for professional care from a Doctor so if you are suffering from any disease of the Pancreas/ Gall Bladder/Bile Ducts or even Diabetes then you must always make sure you visit your doctor for a full Health Checkup.

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