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Pagan Elemental


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A key concept in very old systems of paganism and shamanism is that there is power all around us, in all living and non living things. There are many types of energy, from the life force found in plants and animals, to vibrational energies in crystals, deep resonance in the Earth itself (or Mother Earth if you prefer). There is fire, water, wind, lightening, heat and cold. There is gravity and the movement of both the planet and the tectonic plates. In addition to these energies there are powers and forces that are more esoterically in nature, such as casting, prayer, Reiki, curses, blessings, synchronicity, magic, way lines, Deities etc. You will also learn about the Verbal, Kinaesthetic, Sound, Visualisation, Symbolic and Animal which is connected to each of the elements.

The Elements that were bestowed upon the founder and will also be given to you are:

* Wind and Lower Atmosphere.

* Earth.

* Metal.

* Fire, associated with the Sun.

* Electricity, associated with Lightning and Thunderstorms.

* Water, associated with Deep Currents, Tidal Flows, Moon and Rain.

* Life, associated with Animal and Plant Life.

* Crystal associated with Gems and Special Rocks.

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