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Orb of Om


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Om is considered to be one of the most powerful forms of Mantra/Sound healing known to humankind. It is the seed of transcendental sound and it is through transcendental sound that you can transform the mind, body and spirit. When the Om mantra is used it becomes even more powerful by bringing the materially absorbed mind under control which enables a person to have a one-pointed focus toward spiritual realization.

The Orb of OM has numerous benefits including the following:

Universal Access – The Orb of Om creates an etheric key to unlock the other worlds and dimensions for you to travel to and gain access to. Not only it will unlock the door of other dimensions but it will also protect you in whatever dimension you are travelling.

Chakra Activation & Balancing – The Orb of OM connects to all chakras of the body and is useful in activation, clearing and balancing the chakras. The vibrations of the OM will activate and clear the chakras instantly by becoming even more powerful. It can also activate your Kundalini.

Removes Negativity – The Orb of Om is a powerful tool to remove negativity from your physical and etheric body. It can be used to clean your aura and patch auric leaks.

Strengthen Lungs and Heart – The Orb of Om when activated and used daily along with the specific meditation will help to improve the lungs and heart health. It also strengthens your mind and brings positivity to your life.

Stress Reduction – The Orb of Om acts as a catalyst in reducing stress and anxiety. The Orb of Om energy is soothing and it has the energy of the three worlds so it balances your emotions and calms your mind.

Protection from Black Magic – Black magic is one of the most dangerous of traps and illusions that we can quite easily fall into. It disconnects you from the white light of source but it will also in time destroy your spirit. Magic itself means that what you are seeing or experiencing is not happening. With regular practice of the Orb of OM, you will be connected to white light and source, also it will help you to concentrate your mind and will bring more awareness and alertness. Teh Balc Magic will be nullified. You can also use the Orb of Om with Shiva or Kali. Both deities are very powerful in protecting us from Black Magic.

Connects you to your Higher Self – The vibrations of the Orb of OM, are connected to the heart, throat, and crown chakras, which are related to higher consciousness or your higher self. A deep connection with the higher self is very important in spiritual practices.

This is only a small portion of what the Orb of Om can be used for. Within the 18-page manual, you will learn many more of the techniques that this energy can be used for as well as several meditations to be used when activating the energies for healing, protection and much more.

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